Study – Experimenting with Digital Watercolor in Corel

Posted By on Jul 14, 2015 | 0 comments

I’ve been drawn to Corel Painter 12 lately, specifically ‘Real Watercolor’ brushes

This time I wanted to push their limits, and learn about the brushes’ parameters at the same time:


Agnes Study

I had a really hard time making this, experimenting with the extensive amount of brushes available, and trying to replicate real life techniques, which i must add, its almost impossible, blending colors is awkward, and the fading out of the pigment on the brush is nonexistent, at least on the watercolor controls.


I must add that i like the result, but I didn’t enjoy the process so much as real watercolors, there’s a lot of faking effects, based on the reference photo, and most of the randomness given by watercolors in real life are gone from Digital Watercolors, this really subtract an important part of watercolor technique itself.


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