Making of Siren III

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Siren III


This is the third time I attempt to make a siren, and it’s the first I’m actually happy about how it turned out.


I started with a rough sketch on a post it note, and gathered a few references for the hair aswell, the project really began with a photo I took of myself, to have a strong reference of the skin, hands and muscles.


The next step was to buid the tail, and instead of going for the regular scaled type i went for a more shark type of look, with a sober payne gray and soft reflections.


the siren is supposed to be outside of water but the hair does behave as if it was inside of it, weightless and reflectionless.


to make the hair I used Blender’s Hair System, and to be honest, it’s far from being my favorite tool for making hair, the interpolated children system is great, but the main curves of the hair are really hard to control and you need a really really good reference and a lot of time and patience to make it work realistic.


Rendering was done in V-Ray


Ivan Beoulve

Photographer, Illustrator, Adventurer, Rogue Scientist.


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