Portrait and Landscape in Photography

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I’m starting a new project soon, so I decided that I need a little help with expanding the type of framing I use in my photography.

soon I realized that there are a lot of shots I dont use, Mostly I do portraits, but there a lot of ways a portrait frame can be used, and here I will name those as I see them fit. that’s the way I learn, maybe you do too. categorizing.



whenever the subject fits completely in the shot without any negative space around it

portrait-2 portrait-3 portrait-4 portrait-5 portrait



Mid Portrait

A portrait that has a crop right around the knees, or in the mid thighs

midlandscape midportrait-2 midportrait-3   midportrait-6 midportrait-7  midportrait-9 midportrait-10 midportrait-11 midportrait-12 midportrait midportrait

Half Portrait

much like the mid portrait, this one centers around a crop on the belly and hip area, still without negative space.


halfportrait-4 halfportrait-5 halfportrait-6 halfportrait-7 halfportrait-8 halfportrait-9   halfportrait

Half Detail

I don’t include this into the portrait category, but it is, it just has a crop right on the face, and I tend to call crops as “details” for they are not necessarily crops.

half-detail-2 half-detail-3 half-detail

Beauty Shot

pretty standard definition of Beauty Shots, I include even the ones that are from behind.

beauty-shot-2 beauty-shot-3 beauty-shot-4 beauty-shot

Bottom Detail

I tend to forget how beautiful the body is when you look closely, thats why I’m adding Sectioned Details.


Fashion Blog

Now, this one is fun, just like portraits, but these shots are more creative in terms of negative space and framing.



Totally forgotten by me to be honest, these kind of shots are a bet, to me at least, the greatest struggle is to not show my own feet or my own shadow…

top-2 top-3 top


perspective, I don’t do a lot. it seems odd, almost. I see a lot of this on boudoir and the porn industry, not that that’s bad, its just not my style I guess. but I’ll try it

perspective-2 perspective

Mid Landscape

you could say this one is a combination of Mid Portrait and Fashion Blog, but this one is obviously a landscape, which I don’t do a lot, because I seldom shoot outside, but I’m open to shoot like this a lot more.



That’s it, talk to you later


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