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Posted By on Feb 4, 2017

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Ivan Beoulve

Photographer, Illustrator, Adventurer, Rogue Scientist.

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TL;DR: AT&T agreement was sleazy AF adding fees and fees, costing almost double than advertised, I’m cancelling my agreement ASAP. BEWARE THE FINE PRINT!!!

Shit man, I’m writing this, because being an artists sometimes means to allocate your resources in a smart way, and this time I had to learn a lesson the hard way. I feel this is something everyone stumbles upon eventually, but I’ll share it for younger artists/persons reading.

I’m pissed, I just hanged from customer service and I have to say that the Rep was a very patient, and respectful human being, although I was calm during the whole call.

A few months ago I got myself a new iPhone SE, because it was ridiculously cheap, $10 a month, and my old iPhone 5 is almost dead, it heats like crazy, I’m afraid its going to explode soon. (nice rationalization)

things started to fall apart from there. I was currently paying a $60 a month on a prepaid service of AT&T that gave me 5Gb and free roaming in Mexico, and that’s CRUCIAL, because I go there quite a while.


ADVERTISED PRICE (this has been updated to at least show Device Access Charge)

So I figured, If I pay 60 already, I might as well get a $30 plan on the phone, and end up paying $40 a month for less data, I wouldn’t use data in mexico, and the few calls I do sure wont be $20 of roaming when I’m there, so I would be paying LESS, while still having a NEW iPhone!… oh boy was I naive.

After closing the deal, getting my phone and using it as usual, the first BILL showed up, totaling $90.

$90 !!

I checked on the Bill, it turns out they not only charge for the line of $30 but also charge a    fee for the iPhone itself which is $20 EXTRA..

But also an Activation Fee of EXTRA $20 because yes…

And ultimately a bunch of taxes and fees  (911 Service Fee, AZ State Telecom Surcharge, Administrative Fee, City Telecom Surcharge, County Telecom Surcharge, Federal Universal Service Charge) because government, totaling $10.



So that’s $30+$10+$20+$20+$10= $90


that’s far from the $40 the WEBSITE told me I would pay for in the first place.



BILL DUE from this month, 50$ EXTRA from hidden Fees

I say to myself, okay, next bill will be $70 that’s only $10 extra from the phone I just got, its a fair deal, I can live with that.


Next bill comes, and yet again, a $90 bill, this time an extra $20 for roaming, while I was in mexico, that is when I decide to call Customer Service about it, they explain to me that those $20 come from several INCOMING CALLS, calls I did not made, but where still charged because, at the time of answering I was in mexico…

At that point the try and advice a “passport plan” which seems to solve my roaming issues, but it costs 40$, so I say, okay I pay 30$ for my line, this means I will pay 40 instead? OH HELL NO MAN!
thats an EXTRA $40 package you can get, sort of a prepaid $40 roaming package, so you dont have to pay for the $20 we just charged you, how beautiful is that?

Just in case you DON’T want to be charged with roaming, we can charge you in advance. great.

So of course, I say, thank you but that does not solve my problem at all, (It’s fucking nonsense) so she offers me, a FREE of charge, Roaming Block, and honestly I fucked up, but the way she explained it to me, seemed like I was getting free roaming in my account (you know, for the trouble, AT&T is sorry to be this sleazy with your account, lets us make for it) NOOOPE!

It was just a general block of my line while I was at Mexico, meaning I couldn’t get any calls, therefore, I wouldn’t be charged for incoming calls. that was their solution… boy, I was pissed.

That’s where I’m at right now… I unblocked the roaming back, there’s an option somewhere in the website, but right now, I’m planning on going to AT&T and CANCEL my agreement, pay for the phone, have it unblocked and go on with another company or with prepaid.

I’ll let you know the result.

EDIT: I went in and cancelled my subscription, paid a full month of service that I didn’t use and paid for the phone’s remaining cost.

I’ve been seeing lately a lot of commercials from other companies that now advertise that the price they say you will pay IS the price you will pay, no shady stuff like this anymore, it’s not that it’s something to applaud, because that is what they should do always, but at least the word is out that these sort of things are major deal breakers.


Ivan Beoulve

Photographer, Illustrator, Adventurer, Rogue Scientist.

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I’m starting a new project soon, so I decided that I need a little help with expanding the type of framing I use in my photography.

soon I realized that there are a lot of shots I dont use, Mostly I do portraits, but there a lot of ways a portrait frame can be used, and here I will name those as I see them fit. that’s the way I learn, maybe you do too. categorizing.



whenever the subject fits completely in the shot without any negative space around it

portrait-2 portrait-3 portrait-4 portrait-5 portrait



Mid Portrait

A portrait that has a crop right around the knees, or in the mid thighs

midlandscape midportrait-2 midportrait-3   midportrait-6 midportrait-7  midportrait-9 midportrait-10 midportrait-11 midportrait-12 midportrait midportrait

Half Portrait

much like the mid portrait, this one centers around a crop on the belly and hip area, still without negative space.


halfportrait-4 halfportrait-5 halfportrait-6 halfportrait-7 halfportrait-8 halfportrait-9   halfportrait

Half Detail

I don’t include this into the portrait category, but it is, it just has a crop right on the face, and I tend to call crops as “details” for they are not necessarily crops.

half-detail-2 half-detail-3 half-detail

Beauty Shot

pretty standard definition of Beauty Shots, I include even the ones that are from behind.

beauty-shot-2 beauty-shot-3 beauty-shot-4 beauty-shot

Bottom Detail

I tend to forget how beautiful the body is when you look closely, thats why I’m adding Sectioned Details.


Fashion Blog

Now, this one is fun, just like portraits, but these shots are more creative in terms of negative space and framing.



Totally forgotten by me to be honest, these kind of shots are a bet, to me at least, the greatest struggle is to not show my own feet or my own shadow…

top-2 top-3 top


perspective, I don’t do a lot. it seems odd, almost. I see a lot of this on boudoir and the porn industry, not that that’s bad, its just not my style I guess. but I’ll try it

perspective-2 perspective

Mid Landscape

you could say this one is a combination of Mid Portrait and Fashion Blog, but this one is obviously a landscape, which I don’t do a lot, because I seldom shoot outside, but I’m open to shoot like this a lot more.



That’s it, talk to you later


Ivan Beoulve

Photographer, Illustrator, Adventurer, Rogue Scientist.



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Making of Bristowe

Making of Bristowe

Posted By on Jun 10, 2016

Bristowe - web

Tumblr || get prints


I had a lot of fun making this one, a whole afternoon painting without interruptions, and full of discovery and adventure.


It’s a new palette that I was lucky to stumble upon, the main color is made of a custom shade I mixed, taking Ultramarine + Chinese White, then adding Orange, then a but of Burnt Sienna, and a bit of more Ultramarine.


Bristowe - web



I made a little mockup of the painting, and it looks lovely.


Bristowe - web

Check out the timelapse of the making of this one on my Youtube Channel.




Tyler Revenant

Watercolor Portrait Expresionist

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On growing up in the desert

On growing up in the desert

Posted By on Apr 18, 2016

I always felt the desert was an ugly immense nothingness full of half dead bushes and dust.

To be honest, I complained in silence about how harsh and strong sun light is in the desert, almost no clouds at all to diffuse it.

Gabriel Serra

Gabriel Serra

There was from time to time a beautiful day that I just had to go out and photograph, but I’m really talking about 15-20 days a year, imagine that.

However, lately, I’ve been traveling back and fort trough the whole Sonoran desert going from California to Arizona. And I’ve gotten used to the colors the panorama has.

Cool washed out blues with warm unsaturated creams, hints of toned down green here and there.

The ground is almost blinding and the only dark colors come from mountains a far, it’s darkness is slowly eaten by the sky depending on how far they are, granting the dark brown rock with an atmospheric hue.

I think the reason why I always hated the desert is because of not putting enough attention to it’s authentic colors, and that when I took photographs of it, I secretly wanted those colors to pop as if I was shooting in the Alaskan forests, where colors compete with each other on pigment density.

Without a doubt this urge led me to edit my desert images improperly, that, and a mix of the newest digital technology in HDR techniques pushed me further into making unrealistic and unbalanced images that tried too hard to not be desert photographs.

Since my outdoors photography experience was a fiasco I found my niche on indoors photography, specifically studio isolated and strobe lights. Which no doubt I still reside in. A niche that I like because of its simplicity and control.

Now I’m more aware of color than I was before… I’ve said in the past that black and white is the easy way out; A cheat… And I find in the desert a point in the middle of color and monochromatic.

Because realistically, the colors in the desert work great together, amazingly well, nature is probably the reason why color theory is a thing, not to say that color theory doesn’t work, but that it works because of nature (look at it as evolution working it’s way into our visual taste).

Light, on the other end, is unique, harsh and warm, with a big blueish contrast in the shadows coming from the sky. deep crisp shadow edges are good for dramatic effect, and one has to embrace that.

I guess the whole point of this letter soup is to realize that you have to work with what you have, I’ve always believed that to be true, but I never figured out how to work with the desert in particular, I think I have now, and that lesson is of letting it be real and unique. Sober and hypnotic as it is, amazingly big and overwhelming, almost surreal.


2016-04-17 16.12.36


Ivan Beoulve

Photographer, Illustrator, Adventurer, Rogue Scientist.

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Making of Targaryen

Making of Targaryen

Posted By on Apr 4, 2016

Targaryen - web

Tumblr || get prints


So excited about making this one, it’s been a while since my last painting, and this one became the one painting that has taken me the most to finish.


The Mother of Dragons in the image of Emilia Clarke and to celebrate this month release of the new season of Game of Thrones.




First Conclusion after finishing this piece is, I need a White Gel Pen ASAP, honestly, I can get away with fine details on the eyes, using acrylic paint and a thin brush, but when it comes to long thin lines on the hair, the pencil and paint becomes awkward, either bold, or with not enough paint.



Second thing is, I finally got the grips about how to make a beautiful red color for the lips, one that I’ve been using from a Crayola Palette, but never was able to mix by myself, the trick is, to simply add a bit of Orange to Brilliant Red, and then maybe a little black.



This new method of painting in detail throughout the canvas is suiting me quite well, i have to admit it’s quite advanced, and leads to inconsistencies in terms of color, sometimes I forget what color mixed I used on one eye, for example and use a slightly different one on the other.




lion-wall-decal-interior-decor-animal-wall-decal-animal-sticker-poster 2

Check out the timelapse of the making of this one on my Youtube Channel.


Tyler Revenant

Watercolor Portrait Expresionist

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Photoshoot – Andrea Gaspar

Photoshoot – Andrea Gaspar

Posted By on Mar 19, 2016


Last Thursday I had an amazing day with Andrea Gaspar.


I must admit that I’m a big fan of her face, odd as it sounds, that’s the truth said without literacy sugar.


A beautiful face that’s accompanied by a beautiful personality, It’s always a pleasant surprise to find, and more shocking was how easy she is to be photographed. Just a few shots into the idea and the shot was done. absolutely great.


This session Ideas where about the fragility of the mind, the butterflies represent the thoughts of selfdoubt and confidence at the same time, where sometimes you cannot recognize one for the other, much like a swarm (Kaleidoskope) of butterflies is.



IB0_3252 lone - web VSCO Filters - IB0_3252IB0_3296 -webIB0_3269 - webIB0_3371-2 - webPurity Ring

Ivan Beoulve

Photographer, Illustrator, Adventurer, Rogue Scientist.


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