Male to Female Photoshop Transformation [Making of IWLYD]

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 “I went deeper… Nowadays people take images for granted, not questioning whether or not the photo is real or not, I wanted people to think more critically about the images they are perceiving.”


Last Sunday, I had a very cool Idea, I wanted to take a Painting from Tyler, and make a photo of it, But I wanted it to be as close as possible to the original Painting…


this is Tyler’s Piece


i wont let you die-web

At first I released the Image in facebook without any kind or background or explanation, and it was very well received (although later deleted by Facebook for nudity)


But to make a better documentation of it I decided to go for a Timelapse.


Later on I decided to release the Making of Video, but meanwhile a lot of people asked me for the name of the girl, and I maintained myself very secretive about it.


I wont let you die making

here’s for you all to enjoy!
12 hours of editing


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