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So excited about making this one, it’s been a while since my last painting, and this one became the one painting that has taken me the most to finish.


The Mother of Dragons in the image of Emilia Clarke and to celebrate this month release of the new season of Game of Thrones.




First Conclusion after finishing this piece is, I need a White Gel Pen ASAP, honestly, I can get away with fine details on the eyes, using acrylic paint and a thin brush, but when it comes to long thin lines on the hair, the pencil and paint becomes awkward, either bold, or with not enough paint.



Second thing is, I finally got the grips about how to make a beautiful red color for the lips, one that I’ve been using from a Crayola Palette, but never was able to mix by myself, the trick is, to simply add a bit of Orange to Brilliant Red, and then maybe a little black.



This new method of painting in detail throughout the canvas is suiting me quite well, i have to admit it’s quite advanced, and leads to inconsistencies in terms of color, sometimes I forget what color mixed I used on one eye, for example and use a slightly different one on the other.




lion-wall-decal-interior-decor-animal-wall-decal-animal-sticker-poster 2

Check out the timelapse of the making of this one on my Youtube Channel.


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