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Retreat - web

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Like most of my paintings, it started out as an experiment on which I kept adding to, until I really really liked it… however this time, I never did.


This making of is to show just why I didn’t like this piece on its original form.

I was amazed by the beauty or Melina Martin



Although I didn’t nail her factions completely I think this piece turned out beautiful at the end. That said, lets get technical.


Painting the face was a combination of Ultramarine Blue and Chinese White to lightening it out, and then a bit of Brilliant Red to blush her.


Hair was another deal, I used Ultramarine again but added Orange to dull the color, then Black, the result was this Greenish Black that I really disliked, since it had nothing to do with the color I intended to create.


2016-01-10 22.11.02



At that point I still had to paint the ears and other details, but seeing that awful green was too much, and it hit me hard, I was demotivated enough to leave it for that day.


Next day I decided to go in a radical way and finish this one… Digitally


2016-01-11 15.25.25

Below you can see clearly whats editted, and what is not.


Retreat noedit - web


The one on the left is absolutely unfinished, when I stopped for being demotivated by that greenish tone on her hair, I didn’t even go trought the process of pencil coloring details, adding blacks and whites, nothing, it felt like a waste of time.


Instead I started to mess around it with photoshop, to see what went wrong, and ended up fixing this one to make it look more like in was in my mind.

I used Kyle’s Watercolor Brushes that I got a while ago, and the worked super well, with a pen tablet.


Don’t forget that you could still get a print of this piece here, It will give me means to continue doing what I love, and will be forever thankful!.




This experiment didn’t end here actually, I went ahead and finished another painting using the same color palette but correcting my mistakes, and this time I didn’t had to go into photoshop to fix anything.



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