Making of Innocence

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Innocence 7 - web



Also named “Multilevel Marketing, Shark Loans And Predatory Policies”, but innocence is more of a straightforward name.


I’ve had this idea in my mind for years too, I’m cleaning house with those old Ideas I had, but at the time wasn’t able to pull off successfully.


Based on a new sketch I made, inspired by the Nosferatu drawings from Ashley Wood.


Innocence bit bit

This time I figured out a way to record timelapses, without the zoom causing a mess on the screen. but because of that, some of the tools are no longer shown, neither the cursor, but still, I think is more enjoyable.

For painting I used Corel Painter 12, Acrylic Dry Brush, in 20-80% opacity, Photoshop CS5 for the composition and color correction.


Credits / Model / Thanks:

HER: Laura Lujan – lauraelenalc
HIM: Martin Valdez – martinvaldezz




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