Making of Ford

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Ever since I saw the first picture of her, I was amazed beyond any words. her name is Madeline Ford



That’s the image I based my painting on.



I started this painting like my others, three basic colors: Brilliant Red, Payne Gray, Burnt Siena and Skin Tone for the skin.


The hair, however, is a Salmon color that I discovered happily by accident, the mix is a combination of Brilliant Red, plus Burnt Siena, and Alizarin Crimson.

this combo gave an excellent Salmon tone to the pigment which ended up looking awesome on her skin.


for the freckles I used a simple loaded brush and taped my hand, letting the droplets hit the paper, and then quickly erased the ones that fell out of the skin area.


Check out the full timelapse of the painting:


There is a 15 seconds version at my instagram @tylerrevenant if you like to see progress quickly!

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