Making of Dread

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Dread - web

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Painting “Dread” was a huge experiment, some of you might notice a similar color palette as my earlier painting, “Retreat”


Retreat-Dread - web

This was intentional, you can see that there’s small differences, a greenish tone on her hair, and a purplish skin tone on Him… those weren’t.


However these differences are due to a change I made on the base color of the paints that I used.

For Retreat I used Ultramarine Blue and a bit of Orange to Dull the blue, this gave me the Greenish tone.


For Dread the hair was done with Payne’s Gray, which has become definitely one of my favorites.




Like I said, this was an experiment to learn about colors, and this change in paints was key for me to choose the hues I like the most, and the ones I’ll probably use in the future.


Below you can see a speedpainting of this piece, I find them very entertaining and educational, sadly I forgot to record a few steps, So it may skip a few parts:




2016-01-14 15.01.54 2016-01-14 15.49.07 2016-01-14 22.29.54


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