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At ease

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Today I drew Elise Smidt, or at least I tried:



I didn’t know who this girl was until I finished the painting!
thank god I found her, I really like to know who is inspiring me, and hopefully share it


this time I actually made myself an easel out of a tripod, a backdrop stand, and an old painting, the inclination of the paper made for some cool effects on the pigment, but also some trouble as well, i believe my next piece should have less inclination, to have more control.

this was the first time I used watercolors from a tube, and its a bit weird, you don’t want to waste much paint, but you also have to possibility to mix standard colors to make your own palette, so far I used:

  • cadmium red
  • brilliant red
  • 1 part flesh tint with 2 parts Chinese white
  • burnt sienna
  • ivory black
  • ultramarine for the hair and eyes

the skin ended up being a mix of the custom skin tint and the brilliant red, hence the pinkish tone of the face and neck, this was a mistake, but like Bob says, it became a happy accident, I liked it.


header at ease


look how gorgeous it looks on a vector frame



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