Making of Anxiety

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Digital Illustration

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Done entirely on Corel Painter 12, and based the pose and reference on a beautiful photograph by Darren Ankenman; I just discovered his photography, and I have to say, his style is very much the style I want my paintings to be, in terms of posing, sexy, effortless, and not necessarily classy, and also eluding the boring poses of pornography.


Photo by Darren A.

Be sure to check his pieces, they are absolutely marvelous.


and a gift for all of you here’s a layer by layer breakdown, which is not to be confused by a progressional gif on the work being done, its just the result of the workflow of working with layers.


Most of the work was done with the Thick n Thin Pen, playing with the opacity, and Real 2HB pencil brush here and there, I tried sticking to the wet acrylic brush but its really harder for me at the time, we’ll see later how can I improve my use and understanding of different brushes.


Anxiety - Digital Illustration

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