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Libertad para Amar y Sentir


    In the year 2002, I used to own a t-shirt that said “Libertad para Amar y Sentir” with a print of two persons kissing eachother, (the assumption is they were both the same sex, but their hair was all shaved and they looked so androgynously similar that it wasn’t really clear). the message though, translates to “Freedom to love and feel” and this would mean; among all preferences, after all that is what freedom means.

“one of the pieces im most proud of both visually a technically”

  Back then this was a very frowned upon shirt to wear and 16 years later I named one of the pieces im most proud of both visually a technically, the same.

  The piece is again about two persons kissing eachother, this time a male and female, since I took the visual reference from @de_moral_distraida ‘s illustration, I knew right away what it would mean to me, the flesh behind our skin is the same no matter who we are, and sexual preference is not mandated by physiology but by biology.

“the flesh behind our skin is the same no matter who we are”

  Beyond the visual impact I hope the message comes across as positive

The technique used on this project was experimental at best, but since this is not the first anatomy oriented image I’ve made, there’s been a learning curve, the process is complex:


– Photogrammetry of the subjects
– Photographs of the composition
– Detailed photographs on the teeth and toungue for reference
– Anatomy study of the disection
– Artistic sculpting of the dissection
– Artistic texturing of the sculpted model
– Hyperrealistic lookdev of the Shading and final rendering
– Photographic composition and color grading


The whole process took about 8-10 hours, while the first try of similar images took about 10-15 days, using a diferent approach that was more complex even, but a lot more anatomically correct.




Ivan Beoulve

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