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Monica II on Film

Posted By on May 22, 2017



Monica II


This shoot was both a blessing and a nightmare, a nightmare because right at the end of the shoot, m SD card decided to DIE. and I lost all the files, RAW and JPG, right when I was about to back everything up.

I know how unreliable SD cards are, and that is why I backup instantly after a photoshoot, but this time the SD card was good in the camera, I removed it (while the camera was off) placed it on my laptop’s card reader, and it stop working.

I tried using a data recovery software (which I have used before and it has worked!) but it was no help.

fortunately I decided to take a few shots a new film camera I got ahold of, and was able to get at least these images, and to my surprise they turned out lovely!

these are the original films colors, i made a few corrections on grain at some images but that is it, quality is bad because I scanned 4×6 printed film on a really old scanner (hey I’m new to this)


Film: Kodak Portra 400













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