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Photoshoot – Andrea Gaspar

Photoshoot – Andrea Gaspar

Posted By on Mar 19, 2016


Last Thursday I had an amazing day with Andrea Gaspar.


I must admit that I’m a big fan of her face, odd as it sounds, that’s the truth said without literacy sugar.


A beautiful face that’s accompanied by a beautiful personality, It’s always a pleasant surprise to find, and more shocking was how easy she is to be photographed. Just a few shots into the idea and the shot was done. absolutely great.


This session Ideas where about the fragility of the mind, the butterflies represent the thoughts of selfdoubt and confidence at the same time, where sometimes you cannot recognize one for the other, much like a swarm (Kaleidoskope) of butterflies is.



IB0_3252 lone - web VSCO Filters - IB0_3252IB0_3296 -webIB0_3269 - webIB0_3371-2 - webPurity Ring

Ivan Beoulve

Photographer, Illustrator, Adventurer, Rogue Scientist.


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Making of Cobain

Making of Cobain

Posted By on Mar 8, 2016


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“I’d be lucky if I only live till 27” – Sedroc

Unfortunately this time I screwed up, and deleted most of the WIP pictures I took while painting.

I had a lot of fun making this piece, there’s no particular reason I did, but it came as a coincidence that Kurt’s birthday was last month, but still a coincidence, I’ve been wanting to make this one since ancient times and I finally did.

Most people might not realize that over the past weeks I’ve started painting in a whole different way, although the end result might look similar. Usually I approached my paintings going from light to dark, painting all parts of the whole image, and then a darker layer over the whole image… you can see what I’m talking about in the making of David.


IMG_2904 - web

This time however you can see, that I began working fully on a specific area of the painting, the eye, and ended up with pretty much the final details, before I move on to the next area, usually I go from one eye, to the other, then the nose, the mouth, then the whole face and ears, and then the neck and chest.

before this I painted the full body, then the hair, and i was done.

Check out “Cobain” Timelapse



There is a 15 seconds version at my instagram @tylerrevenant if you like to see progress quickly!


Tyler Revenant

Watercolor Portrait Expresionist

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Making of Ford

Making of Ford

Posted By on Mar 1, 2016


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Ever since I saw the first picture of her, I was amazed beyond any words. her name is Madeline Ford



That’s the image I based my painting on.



I started this painting like my others, three basic colors: Brilliant Red, Payne Gray, Burnt Siena and Skin Tone for the skin.


The hair, however, is a Salmon color that I discovered happily by accident, the mix is a combination of Brilliant Red, plus Burnt Siena, and Alizarin Crimson.

this combo gave an excellent Salmon tone to the pigment which ended up looking awesome on her skin.


for the freckles I used a simple loaded brush and taped my hand, letting the droplets hit the paper, and then quickly erased the ones that fell out of the skin area.


Check out the full timelapse of the painting:


There is a 15 seconds version at my instagram @tylerrevenant if you like to see progress quickly!

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