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I haven’t been thinking much of this, I should.


Most of what I write here is about technical stuff, how I did this and how I did that…  mostly documentation of the process, that I think would be useful for other artists.


This post however is about trying to figure out my thoughts, why I do this, and what my pieces represent, maybe find the core values that my images try to portray.


What my Art is About

“It’s about defying Beauty, using different, unique and aesthetic Images, that emerge from social paradigms and human emotions.”

Serenity Flowers in Back

Those familiar with my first big project Distemper might know it’s origin. Distemper it’s about the difference of Beauty against Aesthetics, often mistaken for one another, while they are not the same.


Beauty is about the pleasing emotions evoked from an image, Aesthetics on the other hand, is the visual appearance that objects have, so it’s not uncommon to try and describe the Aesthetic of an object based on the emotions the objects evoke in us, such as “beautiful”.


It’s easy to imagine now, how some things can be beautiful, while not aesthetic. like drawings from your childhood or teenage love letters. as well as some aesthetic objects, that refuse to be beautiful; guns, or certain electronic devices.


Distemper, then, wanted to challenge this distinction, by offering a series of unique images, that flirt with surrealism and hyperrealism at the same time, beauty and the grotesque; dissections, mutations, occultism, twisted scenarios. others are visual portrayals of human emotions, Anxiety, Serenity, Joy… a form of protest, to the industry and the system.


18738593920_5a7247d67a_oThe key about these images is the uniqueness embedded, while inspiration is taken from sometimes visual sources, the final piece is ultimately unique from the inspirational pieces. much like a sisterhood, keeping in mind to always maintain pleasing visuals, colors and compositions.


I guess this kind of images are the result of a personal obsession to differentiate myself from others, since this has always been in my personality and many aspects of my life, from the way I choose to dress myself, music and ideas.

I have yet to find a mentor, someone who shares my point of view, and the path I’m choosing to express myself, that is, someone who’s art is similar to mine. although I admire many other artist out there, I hope to find someone who has traveled further, that can tell me, this path is worth it.






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