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Making of Serenity

Making of Serenity

Posted By on Jan 31, 2016

BackFlowers - web


Serenity is a piece I’ve had in my mind four about 3 years now.


Back then I wanted to shoot with a friend of mine named Gabriela, It wasn’t possible, then I shot with another friend Andrea, this time, I fucked up and at the time of shooting the roses I didn’t focus well, and didn’t realize it until I was getting prepared to edit.


3 years later I wanted to re-do this piece with the help of a new model, however this wasn’t possible either.


And since I’ve been getting a lot of flaking lately I decided to work with what I had.



A rough Sketch of what I wanted back in 2012 based on an illustration that I wasn’t able to find.


Update!, I found it!

la foto


From there on I’m going to let you see what happened:

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Photoshoot – Darian Rojas

Photoshoot – Darian Rojas

Posted By on Jan 31, 2016

IB0_2935 - web IB0_2952 - web IB0_29933 - web



Last Tuesday’s shoot with Darian Rojas was a quick one, although the shoot was flawless. I had issues with the color working space, apparently my camera decided to shoot on Adobe RGB, instead of sRGB. this caused images to upload dwith dull colors all over my social media. I noticed too late that I could change that in the Camera RAW dialogue. something to keep in mind, as I’m starting to shoot in RAW again.

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Making of Retreat

Making of Retreat

Posted By on Jan 21, 2016

Retreat - web

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Like most of my paintings, it started out as an experiment on which I kept adding to, until I really really liked it… however this time, I never did.


This making of is to show just why I didn’t like this piece on its original form.

I was amazed by the beauty or Melina Martin



Although I didn’t nail her factions completely I think this piece turned out beautiful at the end. That said, lets get technical.


Painting the face was a combination of Ultramarine Blue and Chinese White to lightening it out, and then a bit of Brilliant Red to blush her.


Hair was another deal, I used Ultramarine again but added Orange to dull the color, then Black, the result was this Greenish Black that I really disliked, since it had nothing to do with the color I intended to create.


2016-01-10 22.11.02



At that point I still had to paint the ears and other details, but seeing that awful green was too much, and it hit me hard, I was demotivated enough to leave it for that day.


Next day I decided to go in a radical way and finish this one… Digitally


2016-01-11 15.25.25

Below you can see clearly whats editted, and what is not.


Retreat noedit - web


The one on the left is absolutely unfinished, when I stopped for being demotivated by that greenish tone on her hair, I didn’t even go trought the process of pencil coloring details, adding blacks and whites, nothing, it felt like a waste of time.


Instead I started to mess around it with photoshop, to see what went wrong, and ended up fixing this one to make it look more like in was in my mind.

I used Kyle’s Watercolor Brushes that I got a while ago, and the worked super well, with a pen tablet.


Don’t forget that you could still get a print of this piece here, It will give me means to continue doing what I love, and will be forever thankful!.




This experiment didn’t end here actually, I went ahead and finished another painting using the same color palette but correcting my mistakes, and this time I didn’t had to go into photoshop to fix anything.



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Making of Dread

Making of Dread

Posted By on Jan 18, 2016

Dread - web

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Painting “Dread” was a huge experiment, some of you might notice a similar color palette as my earlier painting, “Retreat”


Retreat-Dread - web

This was intentional, you can see that there’s small differences, a greenish tone on her hair, and a purplish skin tone on Him… those weren’t.


However these differences are due to a change I made on the base color of the paints that I used.

For Retreat I used Ultramarine Blue and a bit of Orange to Dull the blue, this gave me the Greenish tone.


For Dread the hair was done with Payne’s Gray, which has become definitely one of my favorites.




Like I said, this was an experiment to learn about colors, and this change in paints was key for me to choose the hues I like the most, and the ones I’ll probably use in the future.


Below you can see a speedpainting of this piece, I find them very entertaining and educational, sadly I forgot to record a few steps, So it may skip a few parts:




2016-01-14 15.01.54 2016-01-14 15.49.07 2016-01-14 22.29.54

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