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Making of Dementia

Making of Dementia

Posted By on Nov 17, 2015

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Last week I got the chance to work with a piece commissioned by Shea Kendall called Dementia:




This time I took a risk and used a color palette I haven’t tried yet, but that I’ve seen around very often, that I think it’s beautiful: Pink and Blue.

Started with the dress, since I have little experience painting fabric, but ended looking lovely.


2015-11-17 17.28.392015-11-17 17.29.09

Next was to decide what colors the skin should look like. I imagined this one with regular skin tones the whole time, but ended up with a pale blue and hints of red


2015-11-19 00.01.21 2015-11-17 18.19.10

It was going great great so far!. I love it how watercolors are so risky and with little space for error, this gets me very nervous. I imagine this is what tattooing feels like.

Started painting the Eyes and left some highlights, it was okay, but I actually liked it better with white eyes.


2015-11-17 18.52.37

Went ahead and painted a bit of the hair with black acrylic and painted the horns, those where a bit tricky, and I didn’t want to add brown, or any other color that messed up the palette, I think it went down great.


2015-11-17 19.26.19

Changed the Eyes back to white to get a more sinister look, that I really liked back when it was unpainted, and called it finished!


2015-11-18 22.47.19

Make sure to check out Shea’s other work on her Instagram, she has some lovely pieces!



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Photography Fine Art collection of dissonant and conceptual pieces that deal with human emotion represented by aesthetics and female beauty.


Release: Nov 2015
1200 copies limited
23 pages
19.7 cm x 24.8 cm x 0.4 cm | 150 gr
Cover featuring Laura Lujan by Ivan Beoulve


IB0_1772 - web

Content / Model / Contact:

VAMPYR: Darian Rojas – darianrojasc
POSSESSED: Monica Mena – monibebee
ANXIETY: Mariana Esquivel – marianaesquivl
BROKEN: Melissa Lee – mmelilee
MISUNDERSTOOD: Sarah Cruz – sarah.a.cruz
DEAD: Andrea Piquero – andreapiquerom
LUCAVI: Laura Lujan – lauraelenalc
MUTATIONS II: Anonymous –
I WONT LET YOU DIE: Ivan Beoulve – ivan.beoulve



IB0_1777 - web

3 pages - web 2 pages - web 1 pages - web


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