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Making of Bibaud

Making of Bibaud

Posted By on Jul 20, 2015


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This time I wanted to approach a style I very much liked

I gotta say his style is very cool, a mix of watercolor, pencils, pastels, and acrylic that blends perfectly

Watercolor & pen on paper, A4. #watercolor #tomaszmro #mrozkiewicz

A photo posted by Tomasz Mrozkiewicz (@tomaszmroart) on


This is the beautiful Muse for this project Elissa Bibaud


Throwback to this editorial shot with @rupertlamontagne for @cheadsmagazine – earlier this summer. 😎 A photo posted by Elissa Bibaud (@elissabibaud) on

work in progress

Work in progress #watercolor of Elissa Bibaud   A photo posted by Tyler Revenant (@tylerrevenant) on


Note that this painting is actually digital, and that cavas work in progress is a complete fake. why? I want to conquer digital watercoloring, and I must add It’s very hard, absolutely hard, I came across Kyle’s professional watercolor brushes for photoshop and they are amazing, absolutely amazing, compared to the “Real Watercolor” brushes offered in Painter, they are faster, and can be controlled much easier. the finished result.

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I’ve been drawn to Corel Painter 12 lately, specifically ‘Real Watercolor’ brushes

This time I wanted to push their limits, and learn about the brushes’ parameters at the same time:


Agnes Study

I had a really hard time making this, experimenting with the extensive amount of brushes available, and trying to replicate real life techniques, which i must add, its almost impossible, blending colors is awkward, and the fading out of the pigment on the brush is nonexistent, at least on the watercolor controls.


I must add that i like the result, but I didn’t enjoy the process so much as real watercolors, there’s a lot of faking effects, based on the reference photo, and most of the randomness given by watercolors in real life are gone from Digital Watercolors, this really subtract an important part of watercolor technique itself.


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Making of Done For

Making of Done For

Posted By on Jul 6, 2015

Done For

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See the timelapse of this below:


This one started out as a tryout for large scale paintings, unfortunately because of this, I painted it in the WRONG kind of paper, it was just regular cardboard paper, this caused the water to SOAK extremely fast, and the paper to shrink very strong, you can’t tell from the video, but I was painting very fast to be able to blend the colors, and even so, it was very difficult.

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Making of Devine

Making of Devine

Posted By on Jul 4, 2015

digital watercolor

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First of all I want to give credit to the man whose art I based my idea from.


Vincent Devine, make sure to check out his pieces, they are really good, and where my source of inspiration, I analyzed very well his images to get an idea of what was going on, Devine makes his portraits traditionally, but I wanted to approach this digitally. first


I found a model to base the image on:




I tried finding out her name, or at least the photographers name, but no luck, only thing I found was that this girl right here is used a lot as a reference for makeup advice websites… again, if anyone knows her name or the photographer, please share.


Anyway, I straightened her up, and started working on the line art Capture


for these I traced the path very roughly first of where I wanted the divisions and then I used a 100% damped brush, in order to get smooth lines that are very hard to get digitally even with the pen tablet.


I then started working on the digital “Real” Watercolor brushes, I must say, they are great, but they are really demanding of your PC, they kinda work like real watercolors, in terms of pigment distribution, the simulation is awesome, but the regular methods of watercolor painting don’t work quite the same. Capture


from that it was a matter of adding the eyes, lips and hair, and it was done.


Una foto publicada por Tyler Revenant (@tylerrevenant) el

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