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Making of Bereavement

Making of Bereavement

Posted By on May 17, 2015


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This time my  girlfriend of mine suggested that I painted Emily Rudd, and I found the perfect expression, I started this with the idea of using the strong shadows the reference photo had, but I really decided to just go for her facial expression.



Emily Rudd


I started like before, lightly tracing with a pencil the whole picture, I put more attention to composition and framing, so this took a while, I did her face maybe 3 times before I ended up liking the composition. I continued on with the skin color using pale orange and a bit of red and light blue for the shadows.


Bereavement - WIP

Started with skin orange tones

I continued on with the usual details, working from light to dark, letting the water dry, this time I had a better idea of how glazing works and such, but still sometimes I forget the mechanics and make errors of spilling paint by filtration. (like in the eyebrow)


Bereavement - WIP II

complete skin, eyes and lips


At this point I wasn’t sure of what her hair color would be, I thought of black, but I had a tough time with black on an earlier painting so I avoided it.


Bereavement - WIP III

finished on my favorite spot in my room


I really liked this piece but I feel I still need to get better on painting hair, and adding more abstract details. we will see.



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