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Making of Mourn

Making of Mourn

Posted By on Apr 28, 2015


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It started as a head study inspired by the beautiful model Daria Gruzhevskaya

I first started with the lines with a light trace of pencil, started working on the skin

trying to get a conceptual look that watercolors tend to give, but I ended painting it in a more traditional way (which im not entirely happy about it).

Work In Progress


I liked how the blush on her cheeks ended up, however i just painted it on the go, I have no idea how to replicate that, I’ll have to practice, watercolor is really random at times, but thats what I love about it.

After letting it dry a little I started to add details, and finally I felt like i was going somewhere with this piece.


Work In Progress

At this point i was struggling on whether or not to paint her hair black or brown like the reference photo… but I went the other direction.


This is the very first painting I do in watercolor on my own, and I’m really happy of how it turned out, although I mostly have no idea how I made it, I’ll try to explain to myself and you guys in future posts!

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